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success stories

"For a brief moment, I was being a normal human being. The girls were warm and they introduced themselves.
From that day my mindset was changed and I no longer have to read up on these techniques and lines. I go on the journey to find the real answer.
The starting point was my session with Marcus. He sets the right foundation for you."

Huy To


"Before I came on to the program, I wasn’t conscious about many of my problems.
I had to understand that many of things I do wasn’t a good way to project confidence.
My interactions with women improved a lot during our coaching program. I also fixed my appearance with the help of Marcus."

Zhi Hao

Cartoon Artist

"Marcus opened up my eyes to different perspectives that can be applied through business, relationships and all of life.
I got a Tinder date and got a 'close' from the date in a month after meeting Marcus.
I'm actually surprised that dating and relationships is something completely in your control."




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