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What they're saying

"Marcus opened up my eyes to different perspectives that can be applied through business, my social life and all of life.

I got a great result in a month after meeting Marcus.

I'm actually surprised that my social interactions is something completely in your control."



"Your without-thinking (ie the truth) answer was amusing and also a light bulb moment.

Your immediate response, without even a tinge of hesitation or incorporation some diplomacy certainly caught my attention and this matter has certainly moved higher up the to-do lists.

The opportunity to have been able to verbalise some of the thoughts and put things in perspective."


CEO of a Non Profit Organization

"Before meeting Marcus, I wasn’t conscious about many of my problems.

I had to understand that many of things I do wasn’t a good way to project confidence.

My social interactions with the opposite gender has improved a lot during our coaching program.

I also fixed my appearance with the help of Marcus."

Zhi Hao

Ex Engineer Turned Cartoon Artist

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