Get Her to Break all Social Distancing Rules Specially for You during COVID-19

Sick of Staying Home and Itching to Meet a Special Someone Even if Everyone is Wearing a Mask and 'Socially Distancing?'


Marcus here,

If you were like me, circuit breakers and shutdowns ruined all your plans for an exciting dating life that you had planned out in 2020.

You probably had plans to meet someone new through a social event that abruptly got canceled for months onwards after Covid 19 hit...

Finding a girlfriend or a partner can feel like impossible in the midst of this pandemic.... you may even be feeling powerless:

  • Firstly, you can’t meet in more than groups of a certain number.
  • Secondly, mass social events, bars and clubs are closed down. This hinders your ability to be more social and meet someone new.
  • You might even be worried that conventional dating normals such as physical touch: hugging and kissing going to prohibited in the “new normal”?

Is there hope that dating can get back to normal again?

Can you meet your perfect girl during these unprecedented times?

If you are reading this, you are most probably open minded to the idea of meeting someone new in the midst of all the social distancing and masks...

Hey I’m Marcus and for the last 7 years I’ve been helping ambitious students, executives, professionals and entrepreneurs meet, date and attract their ideal woman in Singapore.

The approach I took before the pandemic was to always been focusing on soft dating skills such as:

  • The ability to meet someone new in any social situation
  • Conversational strategies: how to build a connection.. etc
  • The ability to assert yourself romantically in real life romantic interactions

Not anymore...

Times have changed.

Even though the necessity for these soft skills still holds true.

You need to adapt to the “new normal”.

In lieu of the “new normal”, I dived deeply into the game of meeting, dating and attracting women through online dating applications. In the last two months, I spent hundreds of dollars into testing out different online dating strategies in a compressed period of time.

Here's what I found out: dating success in the "new normal" is going to come from your ability to meet and engage with women through online dating applications.

Yes, you're also required to bring your online interactions to offline on dates... so on and so forth...

However, in the new normal, your main way of getting to meet new women is going to be hugely reliant on your ability to present yourself well, converse well and generate attraction on your online dating profiles...

I’m not too sure about you....

However, if you’re open minded about meeting your ideal woman amidst a global pandemic that isn’t going to go away any time soon...

Then read on...

The Solution to an Empty Inbox on Your Online Dating Applications

I'll be honest, for YEARS I shied away from online dating applications for YEARS...

Partly because I could easily meet anyone on the streets and I honed that skill for years...

Partly because I had the all too common complaints that many men face when it comes to online dating:

  • You don't get enough matches
  • She doesn’t send you any messages
  • She doesn’t reply to you messages
  • She flakes on a date that you painstakingly invested hours of your life texting
  • There isn’t enough interesting women online and all their bios are boring

The Unfair Game of Online Dating (or dating for that matter)

Here's the dirty truth: dating (online or not) is an unfair game right from the start.

There are going to be women on these online applications just for the ego boost. That's inevitable. Think about it, the average 20-30 years old Singaporean women is swarmed with attention in her real life.

You're going to face catfishes, fake profiles and bots.

There is also little to zero social consequences for a girl disappearing after texting you online. It is common for girls to just go radio silent without any explanation...

I found myself initially irking  the idea of investing too much time, money and effort in this new method of dating in the new normal.

You probaby also read some a bunch of pick up artist or "player" guides... tried them out, looked silly and concluded it's a ton of BS.

These are smacks to your ego and pocket after you've paid cold hard cash for the paid features of whatever dating application.

There’s also… competition

The truth is that any average girl can put up a decent photo, an average bio and be 100% sure she’s going to have her inbox filled to the maximum. (read: the average girl on the street has her inbox filled out by suitors at any given time.)

You’re only one out of a hundred messages that she has to sort through in her inbox...

There is too much competition...

You're immediately faced with conundrums such as:

  • How can you become a real person that stands out in her crowded inbox?
  • How can play the game right so she chases you instead of disappearing without a trace?
  • How can you make your conversations online and offline interesting so that you can avoid the awkward silences on dates?

Okay... even if you got her number can manage to get her out on a date? Then what?

She may turn out to be a catfish... or just be plain boring on a date. I know how you feel, I had dates that I couldn't wait to end right there and then!

Then there's the endless problematic scam accounts (usually Chinese China women) that request you to invest into some sort of trading program after a couple of days of texting...

The problems of getting hitched in the COVID 19 pandemic are endless...

Turn the New Normal into a Golden Opportunity

Let’s not get discouraged.

There’s opportunity in every crisis. Gold can be found in the bottom of a pile of shit. (yes, even Tinder gold).

What if I told you that you can skew the game of online dating unfairly YOUR favour?

There are gurus proclaiming that "online dating just is a numbers game"...

I beg to differ...

If any random John can just sign up for Tinder and start getting high quality dates within a week... please send me a private message, I'll like to get in touch with him.

Here's the uncomfortable truth: online dating applications are only a medium and tool to be used and leveraged on. It's about how you use these tools.

They can be unfairly advantageous if done right. 

Leveraging on online dating applications can save you HEAPS of:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Effort

This can be your best option if you are a busy professional or executive like me. I don't know about you, but I am immensely result oriented and would like a 'return' on my time invested. 

Prior to Covid 19, I had to go all the way to the heart of a populated city, hit the bars and clubs just to get to know more women.

Today, I am able to leverage on online dating methods to build an endless channel of 'leads' on demand...

There are unseen and unfair advantages of using online dating:

  • I can quickly sift out the women who are there for cheap thrills and ego boost (hint: I befriend them and get them to introduce me their friends.)
  • Online dating saves you the trouble of running out of conversational starters because you can make a strike up a conversation from the information she gives you from her profile
  • You can get to know a lot about her about her from their dating profile.
  • You can also weed out the matches you aren't attracted to from photos
  • If she doesn’t text you back, it's better than an in person rejection: minimally, you didn’t waste your time going on a date
  • Have you ever tried talking to two women in succession at a bar? It never works out. Now you can... (Girl 2 doesn’t see you hit on girl 1, so you can still talk to girl 2 without girl 1 being offended.)
  • You can accumulate multiple women chatting you up at a single go. This gives you the sense of abundance, that translates to your psychology of confidence, non neediness in your offline dating life

Here are some of my matches just after slightly a month of testing:

and many more interactions like this...

How to Crush it in Your Dating Life in the New Normal

This may sound like a pipe dream...

Can you really use online dating as a means of getting a girlfriend/ meeting someone special during these unprecedented times?

Yes you can. However, it requires EFFORT.

This is why I created a field tested coaching program that’s going to help you get through this process:

  • How to leverage 3 main online dating options available to you to build an endless channel of high quality dates
  • Figuring out how to present yourself in the most charismatic, sexy and attractive light by optimizing your profiles
  • How to use features of online dating applications (paid and free)
  • The fundamentals of online dating flirting
  • The art of texting masterclass
  • The fundamentals of offline dating (conversation, attraction and how to turn your interactions into a romantic/ sexual one)

I am not a coach that sits in a seminar room and come up with untested theories...

Here at MarcusNeo.Com... all our products are field tested. I use my own real life profiles and run paid tests on multiple online dating applications.

They are produced with hundreds of dollars, hours and months of testing from myself, and all my clients.

If you succeed, I get more case studies, more testiminials and I get to engage more clients. You can rest assured that I, as a coach running an educational company is invested in your success as much as I am invested in my own.

Here are some of results you can expect:

and this...

and many more...

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using online dating especially during Covid 19 period.

You can be texting and engaging multiple women at one go so that you'll not run out of options

This can't be ordinarily done in a normal social setting such as University, amongst your colleagues or even bars and clubs

I'm not sure about you, however, if you are open minded about meeting, dating and attracting high quality women through highly scalable methods of online dating applications in these COVID-19 period...

Then continue reading on...

The Problem with Youtube Advice

You probably tried Googling and tried taking action on your own.

Today, you don't lack information. There's Google, Youtube and hundreds of blogs out there. There's an overwhelm of information.

There are many that purchased an information product such as an online courses or merely relied on 'free' information...

Information is not enough. You need insight.

I am going to repeat that again: insight is the ability to filter through all the noise and take action on SPECIFIC PIECES of information that is RELEVANT to you at specific point in time.


Football teams that win championships aren't built on upon Googling.

They are coached. 

Other than providing you with INSIGHT, the role of a coach is:

  • To give you direct and personalized feedback at wherever you are at, at your progress
  • To hold you accountable to your goals
  • To support you when you fall off the rails

Here are What My Clients Had to Say

For a brief moment, I was being a normal human being. The girls were warm and they introduced themselves. From that day my mindset was changed and I no longer have to read up on these techniques and lines."

- Huy To, Engineer

'I got a Tinder date and got a 'close' from the date in a month after meeting Marcus. I'm actually surprised that dating and relationships is something completely in your control.'

- Darren, Pharmacist Manager

'I went out with three girls I met from networking events within a month of being consulted by Marcus'

- Melvin, Hedge Fund IT Consultant

Through the years of prospecting hundreds of clients, I noticed are two types of people in general.

#1 – The Procrastinators

These people believe in ‘tomorrow’. They either are afraid to take action or just decide that it’s something that can be delayed for another time. These people just end up cruising month-after-month, year-after-year and end up in the same spot that they started in. No progress, not any closer to their goals.

Time cost lives my friend, not money. Time is the most valuable resource all of us have.

#2 – The Smart Ones

These people are hungry and clear about what they want. They could probably figure these things out on their own if they had the right guidance or enough time. They know that they can avoid all that heartache and mistakes by learning from mistakes others have already made.

They believe in heavily investing in themselves and their knowledge because that is the best investment you can make when you just start out.

Before You Read On: This Coaching Session isn't For Anyone

I've approached hundreds of strangers on the streets, shopping malls and clubs and all around the world. 

I've also invested tens of thousands of dollars in my own coaching and self education. 

Here's the deal:

  • If you're looking for the 'cheapest' solution, I am not the solution for you

If you're looking for the 'cheapest' solution...

I recommend you go hire some random 'life coach' that is going to sell you the notion of the law of attraction without any real life field experience...


  • If you are in credit card debt, this isn't for you, to get your dating life handled, you need to get a minimum of your own personal finances sorted out first.
  • The complimentary consult call is only for you if you are willing to be held to high standards (this also means: honoruing the time slot for the call and cancelling ahead of time if you can't make it)

The Complimentary Coaching Consult Call

Here is a complimentary 20 minute coaching call and here's how it's going to work:

You'll Walkaway With...

Overall Dating/ Social Skills Breakdown

  • Identify where you are at today. Your goals and objectives in your dating, relationships life.

  • Everyone has different goals. Nothing to be ashamed of! If you're looking to date casually. Kudos to you. If you're looking to get a girlfriend, your choice. 

  • Take a look at your goals and deep dive into your psychological barriers that may be holding you back.

Online Dating Application Profile Breakdown 

  • Not getting enough matches? Let me help you breakdown your profile right there and then.

  • Lose her on your text messages? Let me break it down for you.

  • Get my 8 years of dating coach experience and 1:1 feedback and analysis to correct the mistakes you are probably currently making right now.

Napkin Size:
7 Day Game Plan

  • Instead of worrying about overwhelming amount of dating and relationship advice out there. 

  • I'll personally give you a 7 day game plan that you can implement in your life right today to get an instant change in feedback from women on your dating profiles.

  • You're only a couple tweaks away from bettering their romantic and male to female interactions.

I'm also going to make a Bold Promise: 
Here's my 100% Profitable Experience Guaranteed to You

If you don't find tremendous value from the complimentary coaching call, just let me know there and then and I'll send you a $50 cheque so as to ensure your experience is 100% profitable.

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