How to Outperform – How to Draw Smaller Circles

By Marcus Neo | Journals

Apr 19
Making Unconventional Choices

I make quite a lot of unconventional choices in my life, from my dating and relationships life to my personal finance life. Hell, even in my academic life I’m quit accounting school because I didn’t care a bit about sheets and numbers at all. I’ll like to name a couple that popped out recently.

‘Marcus, you’re too strict with your money amongst friends’.

Hey bro, I’m not strict, I’m accountable. I don’t expect people to pay for my shit, and vice versa. I run a business and have invested a hell lot of money into my education, of course, I am going to be accountable with my cash. It’s also no surprise that everyone that has critiqued me on my personal finance habits has had some sort of financial problem down the road.

My family faced financial problems when I was growing up. If you don’t respect or value other people’s money, I don’t care, you’re out.

I also get comments from past acquaintances and people in my life on pursuits.

One female acquaintance told me that talking to strangers is weird. Oh really? Sure, I hope you live happily ever after in your extremely dwindled social group. I hope you’ll be able to pick the right fit for the rest of your life from a small sample size.

In my last job as a digital marketer in a financial education company, I got comments from a colleague that I’ll never be able to sell a business course if I wasn’t a millionaire.

‘Marcus, no one will buy from, are you a 7 figure entrepreneur?’

I left the company, hit my first 5 figures in revenue in 30 days, and I got an enquiry if I was doing any business mentoring. He hopped on and became my first business client.

This brings me to my next point, drawing smaller circles.

Smaller Circles

Look, I don’t only get negative comments, however, I do get positive comments from surprising people as well. One of them commented on how I was able to get things done and get results in an extremely period of time. I run the entire company myself, all my marketing material, videos and marketing campaigns are all done by myself. I am able to accomplish all these skill sets because I am comfortable being by myself.

I used to be the person that likes to go out with just about anyone because I enjoy people in general, and socializing is fun to me. However, as I’m more focused n my pursuits, I am drawing smaller circles. I tend to notice the bigger social circles lose their meaning after a while. You are loosely connected with just about everyone and there’s a dilution of real connection there. It’s no surprise that I enjoy 1:1 or small group hang outs the best. It’s also the best ways to learn from people, in a small group setting.


If you’re looking to better your dating life, this requires practising the skillsets of approaching, conversing and pushing your boundaries in your sexuality. It’s a skillset and skillsets require time for practice. If you’re constantly distracted by social obligations that don’t add any value in your life then it’s no surprise that you’re not going to get good quick.

Outperformance requires unconventional choices. If you like outperformance in multiple areas of your life, from your dating life to your financial life, to your fitness life, then be comfortable at making unconventional choices daily, find yourself a mentor and you’ll find yourself in a much better position.

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Marcus Neo is an entrepreneur and coach. Enjoys writing about dating, relationship, business, and psychology. Introvert yet extrovert. Likes martial arts and music, but never got around to the latter.

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