Catapult Yourself out of a State Mediocrity, Find Your Life Purpose, Connect with Anyone Effectively and Build a Life of Impact

Catapult Yourself out of Mediocrity, Find Meaning, Purpose and Connect with Anyone Effectively

Let's get real here.

You’re here because you are somewhat frustrated at your life is turning out...


  • You feel like you’re stuck in your career with frustrating colleagues that don't speak up and desire something more
  • You can't generate new or meaningful connections, because you lack social skills, hence you feel limited in your personal life.
  • You feel life is meaningless because you spend your entire life chasing arbitrary things like: a stable job, grades or what your parents expected of you 

Unlike many ‘personal development, success or life coaching gurus’.

I started as mediocre, average Asian Singaporean that went to an average school, had an average life and had average friends. 

I wasn’t really that loser that became a rockstar because he put in a lot of effort... and changed his life overnight... blah blah blah.

I was your normal below average Junior College student.

I also had no dreams, no goals, no social skills or no life purpose.

9 years ago when a long term relationship in my life ended over ONE text message, that spurred me on an obsessive period of personal growth. 

As life would have it, getting dumped over one text message slapped me out of mediocrity.

So there I was a depressed young man just before military enlistment in Singapore...

I remembered I couldn't do anything... I had my Nokia phone in my hands (read: the one they only let you use during your BMT days)... I smashed in her number and she wouldn’t answer. That was it. It was over. I spent the next 2 years depressed, lonely, in a slump and painted myself a victim.

You're probably here because you were in a similar position as I was 9 years ago. Something went wrong, and you had to find solutions to get yourself out of that position.

So that led me down a road of obsession. 

The obsession to understand deep identity level change.

I did it through:

  • Taking a scientific approach towards behavioural change: understanding my own psychology and understand other people's psychology
  • Honing social skills by approaching, talking and conversing with one stranger at a time, trying to figure it out interaction at a time. (I got rejected hundreds of times in Singapore and all over the world.)
  • Solo travelling a lot trying to see the world as it is (Read: I'll be honest... it got sickening lonely at times)
  • Learning different skillsets such as marketing, business building and failing hundreds of times

However, slowly but surely, I made progress.

This obsession led to purpose and passion. 

I started a blog documenting my journey and slowly and one enquiry came in after another for my dating consulting company. Passion soon started to look like purpose. 

Through this process of being determined to change:

  • I honed the social skills to talk to anyone, anywhere after being rejected a lot of times (watch the video)
  • I built the social competent to travel to multiple parts of the world all by myself
  • I went from A Levels straight U student to acing a Summer program at UC Berkeley studying modules I was interested in: psychology and music 
  • I failed a lot of times, however I eventually got couple of results and this honed a 'proactive winners effect' that led me to learn skillsets such as marketing and business building
  • I negotiated and networked my way into a above fresh graduate pay role at one of the leading startups in Singapore, DrWealth.Com, without a degree (you can google my articles)
  • I scaled a profitable relational consulting for men business in Singapore to more than $10,000 a month without a business degree

This wasn't possible if not for my foundational building blocks of getting professional dating and life coaching at 22 years old. (yes I had to humble myself, I invested half my bank account at that point of time, my Mum wanted to kill me)

Now, let us round back to you.

The Real Cost of Mediocrity and Have Your Life Purpose Down

Through the years of facing multiple obstacles, observing both my successes and failures, observing other people's successes and failures...

I boiled down generic life successes to couple of factors:

  • The state of mediocrity 

You see, nobody teaches us about habits of excellence. Nobody teaches us about the concept of finding your life purpose.

Hence you go on your lives accepting failures and mediocrity. That was me as a student in Singapore for years.

It was only until I attended a summer program at UC Berkeley, one of the top Universities in the world, that I observed what top performers are like. Needless to say, I aced and b-ed my grades alongside with them.

The state of mediocrity leaves us with no real life purpose and the inability to leave any impact, in anyway amongst our community, and in the world. Period.

I figured early on that if you were just ‘average’, even if you're a nice person with lots of friends:

  • Nobody is going to take a liking to you (includes being ignored by the opposite gender)
  • Nobody is going to hire you
  • Nobody is going to listen to you, you got no real influence
  • You feel undervalued and under appreciated amongst your friends and at work
  • You look at your peers who aren't 'nice' but outperforming you in their personal lives and career

That was me for years.

Until I took upon myself to go through the necessary process of self mastery.

  • Not playing life to your strengths (and listening to your naysayers)

I started as an accounting student and stuck with accounting school for way too long due to: fear. Fear of what my strict Asian parents would think of me. Fear of taking a risk. Fear of switching schools.

Accounting obviously wasn't my strength. The sheets never balanced for me. I was much better off studying psychology or philosophy. However, I was unaware of my strengths and weaknesses because I never really sat down and did a self audit of my life.

I never really asked myself:

  • The skillsets that I am naturally good at
  • The type of lifestyle I desired
  • How can I leave an impact on the world
  • How can I make my passions and sustainable project 

You may probably in a similar situations as me right today.

  • Not having the social skills required to build the life of your design that'll nurture you

If all your friends are more concerned about drinking themselves to death on the weekends instead of working on improving their lives... guess what your life will end up like?

Like them.

Or maybe all your friends have gotten busy with their careers and have no time for you anymore. That's a common problem for people in their later 20s and 30s.

Take billionaire, Warren Buffet quote for an example, he has outrightly stated:

"The one easy way to become worth 50 percent more than you are now at least is to hone your communication skills–both written and verbal. If you can’t communicate, it’s like winking at a girl in the dark–nothing happens. You can have all the brainpower in the world but you have to be able to transmit it. And the transmission is communication."

- CEO, Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet

I realised in my mid twenties that I needed the ability to meet new people on the go, whether be it in my dating life, my professional life or my friendships in general. 

The Art of Mental Mastery

Today, I am the managing director of my own company and have had the good pleasure to work alongside top-performing CEOs, directors and entrepreneurs throughout my life.

Through the years of going up to strangers one by one, being rejected a lot of times, starting a business, failing a bunch of times, I realized that success and failure boils down to: self mastery.

Have you ever wondered why some other so much more proactive than reactive in life? 

They are able to solve problems in their life naturally and effortlessly whilst some struggle with similar issues after years?

Is it because they were fundamentally smarter or more intelligent than the rest of us?

That's untrue.

I put 80% of their success down to:

  • Focusing and executing hard on what they are good at
  • The ability to communicate effectively 
  • Honing a relentless proactive 'winners' approach towards life

However, It's Not Entirely Your Fault

Let’s be honest, that what all of us are told to do: study hard, work hard, achieve more and expect everything else to work out.

I understand it’s not entirely your fault, after all… if you’re an introvert that prefers playing computer games, staying indoors, you probably didn’t get many opportunities to build social skills. 

In fact, many of my clients spent their entire life focusing on University grades OR their career... 

I'm not saying that getting good grades or being great career wise is a negative thing. In fact, I am a huge proponent of trying to be great at whatever you're involved in. This way, you build the 'relentless winner's effect'.

You see, the majority of us (especially Asians, Singaporeans) aren't equipped with self mastery from day one.

Our parents probably told you to be a ‘good boy, a good girl’ and told you not to interact with people or talk to strangers since you were young, or to pursue your own interests and passions.

The result?

Years wasted pursuing something that you fundamentally don't enjoy. You don't build the habits of excellence. You don't have the right friends around you to support your goals. You lack social skills... and this list goes on.

However, that can all change.

The Problem with 'Youtube Advice'

You'd imagine that in a world of information, Youtube videos, theories and all of that, everyone is going to be successful right?

Then why ain't everyone a millionaire or leading fulfilling social and personal lives?

That's because information is not enough.

You need to be able to filter through information and cut through the noise...

That's right, that's called insight...

That's the purpose of getting a coach.

A good coach is able to tell you what to do with specific pieces of information, at any given point of time to help you accelerate your desired outcome in your life.

Through my years of coaching, I realized that many people aren't getting results through information alone: by purchasing info products or just researching on the internet.

This is why I created the online coaching program... 

  • To hold my clients accountable so that their success is inevitable.
  • To give them insight, direct and personalized feedback at wherever they are at in the progress
  • To help them reach their goals in laser speed time (time is money right?)

If you're open minded on making that shift, then I'll invite you to join me, on this life-changing journey not only towards transforming all of your social connections, but also honing that relentless proactive winner's effect that'll ripple through your life.

The Life Coaching Program 

Step By Step System to Hold You Accountable to Inevitable Success

  • Video-Training: Get access to my online training programs where you'll get the principles of social skills and inner psychology that work regardless of country or culture. 
  • For Beginners & Advanced: Instead of learning by tactics, learn by principles that's going to get you results across the board, whether you are a beginner or advanced.

Personalized Weekly Online Coaching

  • Weekly Live Coaching Call: Get access to me as your personal coach and ask you anything you like so that you can implement the specific advice tailored to you at any point of time.
  • Get hardcore accountability with a community:  Surround yourself with like minded people on a weekly basis that's rooting for each other success.

Online Masterminds with Entrepreneurs and Industry Leaders

  • Connect with Other Industry Leaders: Get acquainted with CEOs, hedge fund managers, real estate investors and entrepreneurs from my own personal network that I bring in time to time.
  • Special Invites and Discounts to Live Events in Singapore:
    I host live training programs in Singapore. You'll get discounts to my live programs an online coaching client.

Here are What My Clients Had to Say

'I got a an awesome result in a month after meeting Marcus. I'm actually surprised that my personal connections are something completely in your control.'

- Darren, Pharmacist Manager

For a brief moment, I was being a normal human being. The people were warm and they introduced themselves. From that day my mindset was changed and I no longer have to read up on these techniques and lines."

- Huy To, Engineer

'I went out with three new people I met from networking events within a month of being consulted by Marcus'

- Melvin, Hedge Fund IT Consultant

Through the years of prospecting hundreds of clients, I noticed are two types of people in general.

#1 – The Procrastinators

'Marcus, I'm already so busy with my life'...

That's an age old excuse. It's all about priorities. These people believe in ‘tomorrow’. They either are afraid to take action or just decide that it’s something that can be delayed for another time. These people just end up cruising month-after-month, year-after-year and end up in the same spot that they started in. No progress, not any closer to their goals. Time cost lives my friend, not money. Time is the most valuable resource all of us have.

#2 – The Smart Ones

These people are hungry and clear about what they want. They could probably figure these things out on their own if they had the right guidance or enough time. They know that they can avoid all that heartache and mistakes by learning from mistakes others have already made. They believe in heavily investing in themselves and their knowledge because that is the best investment you can make when you just start out.

You can take a leap of faith… as I did years ago… and stop feeling disappointed for not focusing on your social skills back then.

How Can You Get Involved with the Online Life Coaching Program?

Apply for a complimentary consult call is a 15 minutes call (reg. price $297) for to see if we're a right fit to to work together, and here's how it's going to work:

You'll Walkaway With...

Get To Know You

Take a look at your goals and deep dive into your psychological barriers that's holding you back.

Get my in 8 years of life coaching experience and 1:1 feedback and analysis to correct the mistakes you are probably currently making right now:

- Your inner core beliefs

- Your current life circumstances

- Your communication skills: tonality, body language  and personal image 

Define Your Goals 

Identify where you are at today. Your goals and objectives:

- Figure our your aptitudes and weaknesses

- Communicate more effectively in your personal lives and careers

- Build the relentless proactive mindset that'll ripple in all areas of your life

Everyone has different goals. Nothing to be ashamed of:

From looking to expand your social circle, personal connections or looking to overhaul your entire life, your choice.

7 Day Game Plan

Instead of worrying about the huge amount of life advice out there.

I'll personally give you a 7 day game plan that you can implement in your life right today.

You're only three meters away from changing the entire trajectory of your life.

I'm also going to make a BOLD PROMISE:
Here's my 100% Profitable Experience Guaranteed to You

If you don't find tremendous value from consult call, just let me know there and then and I'll send you a $50 cheque so as to ensure your experience is 100% profitable.

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