Meet, Date and Attract Your Perfect 10 even If You are not "Good Looking", "High Status" or "Rich"

Learn from a Practitioner from a Conservative Country They Said it's 'Impossible' for it To be Done

“I can’t approach a woman with all the masks”
“I feel helpless in this situation”

Some of my friends feed backed to me about their dating life due to a raging world crisis in in 2020.

In 2021, I am going to show how myself and my clients are landing multiple high dates per week in spite of all the masks and social distancing rules.

"If Marcus Can Help You in Singapore, He Can Help You Anywhere in The World"

Yes, you can watch a client’s process with me here:

The Dating Problems I Face as a 'Intelligent, Logical ' Introverted and Ambitious Male


Marcus here,

The dating and relationships problems I face today as a 29 year old managing director of a company is different from the ones that I started when I started as a 21 year old.

When I started, I was willing to sacrifice on quality just to get some bragging rights. These days, because I am more experienced and I am starved for time.

I ONLY wish to date quality women.

The 8s, 9s and 10s.

The ones that I am actually excited to go out on with, and maybe show off to my friends.

The ones that make you feel passionate and rejuvenated.

Today I spend the majority of my time facing my computer, constructing marketing systems, reading books to absorb as much business knowledge as possible and spend a lot of time on activities that are considered: ‘intellectual’.

For the men considering themselves intelligent or are working in professions that aren’t highly relatable to the average woman...

I know how you feel.

You may be facing similar problems as I faced:

  • You work in a mostly male environment (the strategic partners I work with are highly introverted and intelligent men)
  • You are starved for time and desire fast results 
  • You saw a decline your dating results in your mid to late twenties
  • You are looking to only date high quality women
  • You are tired of the bullshit self help and dating advice community

Let's Get Real

You are here because you are frustrated at your dating and relationships life.

You don't have the relationship with the woman that you truly desire. The ones that actually get you excited to go out on a romantic night on.

9 years ago when my ex girlfriend broke up with me over text message, that spurred me on a huge period of obsession over female love, approval and validation.

However, unlike many other ‘dating gurus’ I wasn’t really that socially awkward guy that become a rockstar because he put in a lot of effort... and changed his life overnight... and all that sorts.

I was the mediocre Asian Singaporean man that went to an average school, had an average life and had average friends.

However, as life would have it, getting dumped over one text message by my ex girlfriend slapped me out of my mediocrity.

I started learning dating skills off as a depressed young man whose girlfriend broke up with him just before military enlistment in Singapore.

I remembered I couldn't do anything...

I had my Nokia phone in my hands (read: the one they only let you use during your military days)... I smashed in her number and she wouldn’t pick up. That was it. It was over. I spent the next 2 years depressed, lonely, in a slump and painted myself an angry and frustrated victim.

You are probably here because you were in a similar position as I was 6 years ago. Something went wrong, and you had to find solutions to get yourself out of that position.

So that led me down to a road of obsession. The obsession to understand social skills and female psychology.

I travelled to multiple cultures, worked with multiple world class dating coaches myself.

I also learned by approaching one girl at a time, figuring women out one interaction at a time:

Fact: Your Relationships Contribute to a Huge Part of Your Happiness

Here's the truth: decades of psychological research that show that our dating lives and romantic relationships contribute a huge portion to our day to day happiness.

It's an area of your life that you need to get GOOD at.

Relationship problems are real.

If you're human, you probably once felt depressed after a breakup or a rejection. You may find yourself not distracted from important daily tasks like your studies or your work.

Let me ask you, could you really focus at work when you had to deal with a relationship problem?

I sure as hell couldn't concentrate during my military days after my ex-girlfriend dumped me!

You may even have become a loner amongst your friends and they may have left you alone because you were “moppy” about it.

These problems are real... and let's be honest here... your friends don't really talk about it either because you know... "everyone knows how to get girls"

Here's the actual truth: 98% of men do not actually know what they are doing with women and let me tell you why:

Tens of Men out There Have Girlfriends... However, They are Still Leading a Lives of Quiet Desperation… and Why?

One of the most common problems I get from friends (even high performing CEOs) is that they are unable to date a woman that they really desire.

I’m not talking about the ones that you swipe right on Tinder and pray they show up like they look in their photos

I’m talking about the ones that make you feel nervous and yet excited when you’re with her.

The 8, 9s and 10s.

Yes, the ones that make you actually feel something for.

Some of you may be stuck in a dead end relationship, letting it drag on for years and it’s secretly killing you inside.

Or maybe you spent your entire life focusing on University grades or your career and you saw your friends getting attached through the years, one by one and you convince yourself that you didn’t really care. Only for these issues to come rushing back to you today.

Let’s be honest, that what all of us are told to do: study hard and expect everything else to work out.

I understand it’s not entirely your fault, after all… if you’re an introvert that prefers playing computer games, staying indoors, you probably didn’t get many opportunities to interact with women.

It's Not Entirely Your Fault

Let's be dead honest here: the majority of us (especially Asian Men) aren't equipped with the right dating and social skillsets to take control of this area of our lives.

Have you found yourself in a position when you finally confessed to a girl you fancy... and she awkwardly tells you that she only sees you as a friend?

So here's the thing with a lot of Asian men (I had white clients as well, but for I am generalizing for brevity’s sake): your parents probably told you to be a ‘good boy’ and told you not to interact with people or talk to strangers since young.

In your social interactions, you may find yourself too sensitive to rejection: you're afraid that others are going to start gossiping about it or make fun of you.

The risk of rejection is more painful than not trying at all.

You rationalize: "it’s better to stick to your own friends and all the good women are already taken."

If you're talking to just one girl, you may worry too much about it. You think: 'If I took a risk, I may lose her', finding yourself in an extremely needy position.

Or maybe you can’t just seem to get her to reply you on the text.

Even if you do, they reply with one sentence boring answer that leaves you thinking if they are ‘playing hard to get’.

Or even if you do, you stare at her blankly and you fail time and time again to take the interactions beyond a platonic level.

You Lack a System: 
a Step by Step Methodical Method to Generate Results one after Another

One of the BIGGEST problems you probably face is always waiting for someone that knows someone to introduce you to that someone.

If you're in your later twenties on thirties, your friends may be in long term relationships and you can’t go out with friends to meet women.

Or even worst, what if all your friends have dead-end social lives and call you ‘superficial’ and ‘fake’ for wanting to you to expand your dating opportunities?

Ultimately, you’re not solving the root of the problem: the ability to control your interactions with women.

I'm sure you found yourself thinking to yourself: ‘that person seems nice’. Then you end up telling yourself ‘she's probably with someone else’. You then walk away with excuses and fear of judgment from others.

Or maybe you don’t want to date your colleagues. You don’t want to ‘shit where you eat’. Or maybe, you just came off a horrendous long term relationship, perhaps a divorce even and you can’t seem to get your feet up.

Or maybe you have tried some slimy pick up artist methods and creep-ed everyone around you out...

Let's be honest to ourselves, do you have a step by step system to:

  • Leverage on 4-5 online dating platforms to generate high quality dates
  • Approach beautiful women who are complete strangers and generate high quality dates 
  • Follow up on text messages and get her out on a date
  • The social skillsets to create comfort and emotional connection with her in person
  • The social skillsets to create passionate sexual tension between you and her
  • Turn your social interactions into a sexual or romantic one and bring the interaction to where you desire 
  • Make sexual intimacy a win-win for you and her
  • Create a lifestyle that attracts high quality women into your social life effortlessly
  • Develop your personality into a naturally masculine and attractive male so that you experience passionate instead of dried out relationships...

The list goes on...

Not Just about Dating... 

If you haven't noticed by now, it's not just about getting the women or relationships that you desire.

It's about long term behavioural change.

"If you can't communicate, it's like winking at a girl in the dark — nothing happens. You can have all the brainpower in the world, but you have to be able to transmit it"

- CEO, Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet

Today, I am the managing director of my own company and built the company purely from sales proceeds from our customers with no venture funding.

How did I get here?

I put 80% of my success down to my ability to communicate my ideas eloquently.

This is why I implore you to think about this opportunity for you to join me on this life-changing journey not only getting the women you desire, but building social skills that’ll accelerate your career and financial trajectory.

You can take a leap of faith as I did years ago… and stop feeling disappointed for taking action.

This is why I implore you get your dating life HANDLED, once and for all, and so that you can finally build the dating and relationships life with the right woman in your life.

That you truly desire and are excited to be with.

The Council Payment Terms

  • One Time Payment: Get the entire program for a discount
  • Entire Course Curriculum:  Our program covers everything from online dating to approaching complete strangers. From hello, match to meet, to sex and to lovers.
  • Bonuses: Our program is regularly updated monthly with added infields, lessons and online dating examples... stay up to date on the cutting edge of dating and relationships insights for men
  • Instalment Payment: Get our cutting edge dating program at flexible payment terms.
  • Entire Course Curriculum:  Our program covers everything from online dating to approaching complete strangers. From hello, match to meet, to sex and to lovers.
  • Bonuses: Our program is regularly updated monthly with added infields, lessons and online dating examples... stay up to date on the cutting edge of dating and relationships insights for men
  • Book a Demo Call

The True Cost of Not Getting Your Dating Life Handled

If you're mindlessly swiping right on Tinder or paying thousands of dollars for questionable matchmaking dates with dating agencies, I'm pretty sure you have once thought that you're playing way below what you're capable of.

I'm pretty sure you do.

Cause I did that for years as well.

Or maybe sometimes, you see other couples in relationships and you think things are just not happening for me. You end up feeling hurt or inferior to others. I understand that feeling, I have been there.

Or maybe you are looking to confidently to be able to talk to anyone, anywhere of your choice. Imagine having the rock solid confidence so much so that even if she looks at your weird and completely ignores you, you’ll merely laugh it off and go meet someone else.

Imagine the day you are not only able to date your ideal girl, but you are also able to strike a conversation with anyone, anywhere and are able to give a woman a sense that you’re trustworthy and mature, even if it was a non-romantic relationship.

You see, I thoughts they are all once impossible for me.

I proved myself wrong and many others.

Here's the kicker: you can take control of your romantic interactions with women.

The Most "Over The Shoulder" Dating Success Program in the World

In a world of information, Youtube videos, theories how can you filter through all of that, cut through the noise and get results in the shortest time possible?

This is why I created The Council: Fearless Dating for Men Program

I aim for this program and platform to be the BEST IN THE WORLD andnot just in Singapore. Yes, that's right, you heard it right.

  • It's field tested by myself and my clients:
  • It's "over the shoulder" done with you style, not presentations and theories:

There is a HUGE difference between theory and practice. I'll show you how to implement theory and practice together so that you can achieve desired outcomes in the shortest possible time.

The content you find in this program isn't going to be released in any other platform in the world.

  • You get real life feedback and commentaries like this one:

Success is Never Free

You can call me a scam for trying to market information like many of my 'friends' did....

However, I'll tell you this: success is never free.

In my years of building a business, consulting in business and in dating advice I figured there are:

#1 – The Procrastinators

These people believe in ‘tomorrow’. They either are afraid to take action or just decide that it’s something that can be delayed for another time. These people just end up cruising month-after-month, year-after-year and end up in the same spot that they started in. No progress, not any closer to their goals.

They are the information hoarders who are constantly trying to figure out everything for "free" and refuse to put up any risk or skin in the game to get results.

#2 – The Smart Ones

These people are hungry and clear about what they want. They know that they can avoid all that heartache and mistakes by learning from mistakes others have already made. They believe in heavily investing in themselves and their knowledge because that is the best investment you can make when you just start out.

They put up skin in the game, invest in programs, mentors and communities to self motivate themselves to success.

The Council: Fearless Dating for Men Modules

The Attraction Module

  • How to attract women, the psychology of female attraction

  • The fundamentals of attraction: 2 F's of attraction and the exact process on how to generate attraction

  • The psychologically researched methods and exercises on how to get over social and sexual anxiety

  • How to create inevitable success in your dating and social life

The Approach Module

  • The art of the direct approach: the exact step by step process on how to go from strangers, to number and to date

  • How to crush approach anxiety

  • Psychologically researched exercise to get over approach anxiety

  • Real life exercises for you to perform to get results

  • The "Freud" method of finding out the root of your anxiety and how to crush it

  • Scripts and lines that you can use starting today

The Connection Module

  • Good conversational mindsets so you can spark a connection with anyone, anywhere and anytime

  • The art of the cold read: how to start conversations out of thin air

  • How to tease effectively and use humour to generate attraction and connection

  • How to story tell in a manner that enrapture'll her attention

  • How to be vulnerable and let your rough edges better your interactions

"Over The Shoulder" Infield Series Breakdowns

  • Live infield commentaries on clients approaches and interactions

  • Live videos of me approaching strangers so you can learn from it first hand

  • Live infield videos, case studies of me and clients failing and getting rejected so you can learn from it first hand

  • Real life client feedback sessions that are practicing and implementing the curriculum in real life

"Over The Shoulder" Online Dating Module

  • The 80/20 of a great online dating: profile photos and profile description writing

  • How to take great photos for online dating applications even if you are not a professional photographer

  • How to test your profiles in a scientific manner to generate high quality leads
  • How to generate high quality leads and focus on conversions not matches

  • How to not pay for online dating applications and still get results and which apps to prioritize and use

  • The mindset to land minimally one high quality date a week getting online dating apps to work for you instead of being frustrated by them

  • Live texts and case studies straight from my phone and/ or client's phones

The Sexual Confidence Module

  • The art of texting and closing

  • How to make sexual experiences and intimacy a win for both you and her in an effective and ethical manner

  • The right frames to help find the right reasons to get intimate with you 

  • Scripts and lines that you can use starting today

Our Consulting Bonuses

Private Telegram  Community

To keep you accountable and success inevitable, you are given access to my Telegram group and community so you can discuss and post infields for feedback.

Need a breakdown on your online dating applications or looking to upload an infield for critique? You GOT IT!

Constantly Updated Curriculum

The true value of program is not just leading-edge information, but one that is constantly updated with your needs.

Unlike many other dating coaches or self development gurus. I field test my theories personally, through my clients and constantly update my curriculum through your feedback.

Preferred Rates to Our Live Programs

If you part of our online consulting programs here at MarcusNeo.Com.

You get preferred rates to our live programs conducted in Singapore and other areas of the world.

Here are What My Clients Had to Say

"For a brief moment, I was being a normal human being.

The girls were warm and they introduced themselves. From that day my mindset was changed and I no longer have to read up on these techniques and lines."

- Huy To, 24 Engineering Student

'I got a Tinder date and got a 'close' from the date in a month after meeting Marcus. I'm actually surprised that dating and relationships is something completely in your control."

- Darren, 31 Pharmacist Manager, MBA Graduate

'I went out with three girls I met from networking events within a month of being consulted by Marcus'

- Melvin 37, Hedge Fund IT Consultant

"Before meeting Marcus, I wasn’t conscious about many of my problems.

I had to understand that many of things I do wasn’t a good way to project confidence.

My social interactions with the opposite gender has improved a lot during our coaching program."

- Zhi Hao, 37, Engineer Turned Cartoon Artist

"I had a full close after redoing my online dating profiles with Marcus

Marcus is a professional."

- JT, 30, Software Engineer 

"Just within a week, I got one date, and actually I had two dates. 

Marcus is a credible guy and you can trust him to help you"

- Jake, 21, Full Time National Service Enlistee

The Council Payment Terms

  • One Time Payment: Get the entire program for a discount
  • Entire Course Curriculum:  Our program covers everything from online dating to approaching complete strangers. From hello, match to dates... to sexual intimacy and to lovers.
  • Bonuses: Our program is regularly updated monthly with added infields, lessons and online dating examples... stay up to date on the cutting edge of dating and relationships insights for men
  • Instalment Payment: Get our cutting edge dating program at flexible payment terms.
  • Entire Course Curriculum:  Our program covers everything from online dating to approaching complete strangers. From hello, match to dates... to sexual intimacy and to lovers.
  • Bonuses: Our program is regularly updated monthly with added infields, lessons and online dating examples... stay up to date on the cutting edge of dating and relationships insights for men
  • Book a Demo Call: Feeling unsure and need a real life strategy call from yours truly before hoping on? Then hop on a 20 minutes consult call with yours truly.

You Might be Wondering (FAQ)

Is there a Cap of The Council: Fearless Dating Members?

Is this just about dating and relationships?

I have spent a ton on courses and program in the past, what makes this different?

How do I know The Council: Fearless Dating is right for me?